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gold ray bans according to Netcraft. However

gold ray bans according to Netcraft. However

Apache Leads Netcraft May 2011 Web Server Survey

Last month, Apache gained 11.4 hostnames.

Netcraft says its May 2011 survey received responses from 324,697,205 sites.

According to the report, SoftLayer saw the largest increase, gaining 3M hostnames. In April, SoftLayer gained 2.5M. Earthlink saw the largest decrease, losing 1.3M hostnames.

Microsoft gained 0.8M hostnames in May and lost half a percentage point in market share.

Rackspace had an increase of 260,000 hostnames, and GoDaddy had an increase of 280,000.

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Google gained 1.5M hostnames while nginx and lighttpd gained 381,000, and 21,000.

The report also indicates that hostnames have dropped by approximately 95 percent in Libya, from 917 to 42. Netcraft says that the protests in other North African and Middle Eastern countries has yet resulted in any noticeable changes to the countries hostname numbers. earthquake in Japan has also not yet contributed to any significant decreases in the number of sites, according to Netcraft. However, the survey says Japan growth of 231,000 hostnames is about two thirds of what was seen in March and April.

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